Hi there special friends..a massive welcome to my blog space :) I really hope you enjoy and are inspired by some of the layouts I have done. Like many of you out there I really enjoy scrapbooking and the satisfaction it gives me in seeing peoples reactions by something beautiful and memorable for many generations to come!

love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

P.S I hope the Creative Butterfly lands on your shoulder and inspires you!! :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just an ATC, Update on bubby and an Online baby shower :D

Hi lovelies :D
Hope the start to our weekend has been great in some way for you all. Apparently its going to be a scorcher here on the gold coast, with temps supposed to climb into the 30's over the weekend and we're still in winter omg, just imagine what summers going to be like. arhh.
Well the other day I went to antenatal clinic for checkup as bub is apparently measuring too small. So they accessed us and asked us to come back the next day for an ultrasound to determine how big roughly bubba is. We had this size issue with alex aswell, but this time I knew that bub would be bigger then alex. So anyways we go back for our ultrasound, bub is perfect in every little way weighing approx 6 pound atm with 2 weeks to go :D, next we had to go to the labour ward so the doctors there could assess us and determine if baby should remain cooking or bring baby out. Thankfully I am allowed to hold onto our oompa loompa till he/she is ready to make their entrance into the world :D! Now we play the waiting game, and omg I am so excited, the fact of not knowing when bub wants to arrive is exciting. I havent even packed my hospital bags yet lol, so I better hurry up and get onto that, everyone atm is nagging me to do it and knowing me i'll be running around the last minute when labour starts packing my bags LOL. Anyhoos so all is good in baby land :D

Yay I got something to show you all aswell, I made this ATC card for our local free swap. I collaged the background then glimmer misted it with cherry red, looks really effective. Unfortunately the camera doesnt show this. Then I built the little angel doll with feathers as leaves and added journaling. Hope you like :D

Lastly I would also again like to thank the beautiful SCRAPCHAT GIRLS for throwing me an online baby shower last night. I totally enjoyed myself and was spoilt rotten by these fabulous ladies, all week parcels have been arriving to my door and last night I finally got to open them all, each gift was so special. They sent clothes, toys, scrap items and vouchers. Spoilt me rotten I tell you. So thankyou girls, you really have made my entire week :D Love yas xoxo TFL

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My sketch challenge for Young birds Cyber Crop!

Hi guys,
This is my first ever attempt at doing my own sketch, Ive done the layout which will be turned into a sketch in the next couple of days, it will be one of the challenges held over at our first ever cyber crop for the young Scrap Birds. The only requirement that rach wanted was I had to include a bird, At first was really hard but i think in the end it worked out very nicely. So just a quick post from me today, as I am off to the doctors right now for baby check up :D Have awesome night sweeties, and look after yourselves. TFL xox

Monday, August 17, 2009

Young Scrap Birds first cyber crop

Hi guys, thought I would let you know that the birds are having their first ever cyber crop. The fun will go for 4 days full of lots of games, challenges and of course great company. So come on over and check us out :D
Also so sorry but there isnt any scrappin to show you as of late, But I did make an atc card for our local live swap, so I'll take a photo and show you tomorro:) but am also hoping to do a layout today so stay tuned for that one lol.
In other news, we will have our new addition to the family is 3 weeks or less :D We are so very excited and cant beleive how fast its all gone! So we are off to see the docs at the hospital on wenesday to determine what is going on with little oompa loompa, as you see bub has stopped growing again.(Alexander did the same thing. But I have tried to get in to see my gp today due to alot of pain ive been having lately, and massive headaches and really sore chest, unfortunately I cant see her until tomorro, so am truly hoping the pain isnt bad today again! Its absolutely knocking me out. Anyhoos thats all thats going on in my daily happenings, but I hope all you wonderful bloggers are having a great start to the week. Much love to you all.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hello lovelies :D
I cant beleive my luck, after having such a hectic and tiresom day yesterday I came home sat at the computer with a cuppa, scanned my emails and oh my goodness, SBM wants 2 of my layouts! Let me tell you poor little bubba was getting thrown around in tummy while mummy was doing the happy dance with little alex laughing at me :D The layouts will be Love Continues to Grow, and If you fall I will catch you. Will let you know when they come out :D

On anouther note, went for my 36 week check up yesterday and we are having the same dramas as we had with alex, this baby is measuring 2 weeks under, alex only measured a week under. So doc is sending me off to hospital next week for a talk with the docs at hospital and also we get to have anouther ultrasound! So thats a bonus, but i'm not too worried as alex turned out fine at 6.4 pound 1 day over 40 wks. Mayby I just meant to have small babies, considering jamie not big and neither am I. So we'll see. :D

Lastly here is an ATC I did for the swap at young scrap birds. The theme was birds. TFL, i hope you like and also I hope you are all having a FAB week!! xo

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anouther Layout oh my goodness!!

Hi guys,
Wholly dooley, I cant beleive I've sat there and created anouther layout. Poor little baby being all cramped up while I scrap, I tell ya I dont know how much more scrappin I can do, lately I am becoming extremly uncomftorbal and very sore. Everyone keeps telling me to take it easy now due to me being at the end of my pregnancy but It feels like theres not enough hours in the day, constantly have something to do and plus how do you relax when you have a very active toddler running around. Speaking of alex, we finally got him enrolled into kindy, YAYA, but we have to wait until he turns 2, which is in 4 weeks :D My baby's growing :(
Anyhoo gals, Here is my layout, which is also a layout a did for my mum to say thankyou for a wonderful baby shower and also it fits in with the theme for scrap the girls, so will be sending it there too :D Hope ya'all like!! Take care chookens :D xo

Monday, August 3, 2009

Challenge layout

Hi guys, just a quick post today. Extremely exhausted still after yesterday, had an awesome baby shower!! Thankyou to everyone that came, it really made my day, love yas all! The baby to be got spoilt rotten as well as alex, alot of people also bought gifts for him which was extremley nice and not expected, alex loved his little gifts,thankyou. A HUGE THANKYOU to my beautiful mum, for organising the day!! Alot of work went into the day, at least 2 weeks worth for a 3 hour baby shower. My mum made these awesome baby books with the help of rach, full of games for all the guests and an itinerary for the day, she was a wonderful host and I just simply Love my mum to bits, she's a really special part in my life and honestly dont know what I would do without her.LOVE YOU MUM XO. Also a thankyou to My Auntie penny for cooking all the food, you know how much i love your cooking!! and for also making the journey from rockhampton to the gold coast to celebrate in my special day :D Thankyou also to rach for all her help before the day and also on the day, you were like my little wingman LOL. Okies on unfortunately i didnt get too many photos, caught too caught up in the day, just waiting of some photos from some friends cameras, so once i receive them i will post some piccies up here :D Oh and lastly thankyou to all my bloggers that left me wishes for the baby shower.
Lastly here is the layout i promised to show you, just had to wait till august, its a sketch challenge layout for the young scrap birds forum. Hope you like :D TFL xo

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Very exciting stuff !!

Hi lovelies,

Sorry guys not much to show you today but tomorro I will:D
But firstly if you havent heard already there is this great new blog dedicated to generation Y called the YOUNG SCRAP BIRDS and guess what, I along with Tammy and Danielle have been picked to join the design team!! Very exciting stuff, first DT position for me. So if you feel like challenging yourself or simply want to join in a great forum, come on over and check us out :D!
So tomorro I will post up a pic of the layout I have created for the august sketch challenge over at young scrap birds.
Secondly I cant wait for tomorro, I am having my baby shower!! I cant beleive the baby is only just over a month away :D :D :D So tomorro got plenty of games planned thanks to my beautiful mum and Rachel along with the help from my awesome auntie. So stay tuned for some wicked photos! Alright off to bed or me, super tired, we done HEAPS TODAY!! xoxoxoxo. much love to all. TFL.