Hi there special friends..a massive welcome to my blog space :) I really hope you enjoy and are inspired by some of the layouts I have done. Like many of you out there I really enjoy scrapbooking and the satisfaction it gives me in seeing peoples reactions by something beautiful and memorable for many generations to come!

love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

P.S I hope the Creative Butterfly lands on your shoulder and inspires you!! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whooly dooley. Ive been busy.

Sorry guys for not updatting in over 2 weeks. Ive been super busy these past couple of weeks. First of was the end of the Embellish it comp. I came third overall, So was completely wrapped to of even scored a place in the comp. Congrats to the winner Sue smith. Totally gorgeous work was done by all who entered and continued with the comp. Thanks to tan and everyone who ran the comp, I can only imagine how hard the judges job's were. Another positive out of the comp was that I was offered a DT position, but unfortunately with a heavy heart I had to turn it down. My family atm is more important, the comp honestly took alot of my time and my family missed me. So for now I want to dedicate my time to them. Anyhoos you may notice I wont be around much from here on in. I have a HUGE month ahead of me. First of my little man turns 3 on the 1st sept, I cant beleive my first little man is almost 3, where did the last 3 years go :( Second of is fathers day which I have something special planned for the important man in our lives and thirdly my baby girl turns the BIG 1 on the 9th sept. So I am in the midst of planning a beautiful tea party for her, so all my time and craftiness is going towards that atm. I will show you a sneak peak of what I've been creating. So her party is on the 11th sept. But on the 10th sept I have a hens night that I am hosting, then the day after Savannah-Rose's party the wedding takes place which  I am bridesmaid for :D Also in this week we will be having at least 20 ppl staying with us including my bff Alyssa and the boys :D Cant wait to see them again. So on Monday the 13th I plan to put my feet up and have a huge icy cold glass of beer!!!!! But to top everything of atm, my whole family is sick with this crazy flu!!! Bring on summer!!!!
Wow that was a huge rant lol. Lastly I will leave you with 2 of my layouts and a card I created for Leanne over at Mad about scrap, she kindly asked me to be a Guest Designer for mad!! Was totally so excited and couldn't resist. Gotta love the gorgeous range she gave me, So I had a play with the Road Show collection from Fancy Pants. I'm not sure if she has any kits left but head of over to Mad's blog/forum to find out more.
Anyhoos thats about it for now. I have a few publications out atm. So sorry if theres not too much to look at on my blog. But hopefully I will be able to share my journey and lead up to Savannah-Rose's first birthday. I cant wait and I cant wait to see all my scrappy gf's again...its been a while. Take care guys.
Love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xxx

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Embellish it Week 8 :D Long post..Lots of photos.

Oooohhhh Its coming to an end...This was our 2nd last week in the comp..I am truly so happy to have made it this far....Not too sure if I'll make it through to the next round though...I did struggle alot with this challenge...One reason being that we had to create a mini album and personally I am not a mini album maker...For me I like to utilise all my OTP creations. So for this weeks challenge I decided to expand on the mini album criteria, instead I thought I would create a album/journal.
Anyhoos the criteria this week was massive!! First off we had to create a mini album, this album needed to include 2 fabric pages, as well as 3 other pages using different mixed media bases. All pages needed to include stitching, paint, ink, buttons and collage. Lastly within this album we had to include a different shaped acetate page. This page had to include pp and words and of course all the above criteria also. Here are my pics and a bit of info.

  • Front Cover- Made out of fabric, Lots of stitching on this. In between the fabric I actually have foam. In the middle I have painted with yellow and green. Cut out the huge rose from fabric. Adhered buttons. The big white and pink button binds my book closed by cotton. I then stitched this page onto the first inside page.
First inside page. Loads more stitching. I have also created a place to store my pens/pencils.
Second page- Base page is pp then I have awashed it with gesso for added dimension then painted over it with green. The words are all printed on Calico fabric then I have painted around my words. Collaged the page with flowers and buttons and lace, chipboard and sewing.

More close ups of the Album/Journal.

Page 3- Base is tissue paper glued with PVA then painted over with PVA with a touch of green. The words are again printed on calico fabric and painted around the edge. The roses in the corner are hand cut from fabric. Again loads of stitching. The next page is blank, ready for me to start my journaling.
Page 5- My acetate page.  Which has been sewen onto page 6.

More close ups of the acetate Page. I really like the lace stitched around this page and yes I'm totally in love with the birdhouse and birds atm.

Page 6 above on the left is the page behind the acetate. I have made a collage of photos of myself and the kidlets and printed it on canvas paper. I wanted a clip, so I could continually change the photos as my family expands. Page 7- My base for this page is texture paste smeared all over cardstock, then I have given it a wash with green and pink paint. The words here are printed on canvas paper and I have made an envelope out of fabric to store little keepsakes.

Above is just a full view of 7 and 8

Page 9 and 10 - Page 10 base is a ripped up page from a book glued down with PVA. I have then let that dry and did the painting, You can barley see it, but there are clouds there too with machine stitching around that and page. I have also smeared again more paint on the paper and inked around the edges. After this was all dry and then painted over the entire page with gel medium so give it that glossy finish and to stop the ripped up parer from tearing in the future. Lastly added a bit of ric rac and buttons.

Close up.

Last few pages, 11 and 12. Page 11's base is pp with paint, stitching and I attached this fabric pocket to store more bits and bobs and lastly adhered a LISA KAMPHIUS flower. Btw go and check out her blog, my awesome friend is selling some of her lovely handmade flowers :D
Page 12 is my last fabric page.

Lastly are some close ups and the very back of my album/Journal. I am now really happy with this piece :D At first I didn't like it due to the fact I had no idea what I was doing lol..I just went in and attacked this challenge blind. But thank you for stopping by and I love all your heartfelt comments..Truly makes me Love scrappin :D Be sure to go and check out the gallery here.
Anyhoos its wayyyyyyyyyy past my bed time..kids will be awake screaming for me soon lol. I will be back with more soon.
Love Belynda-Lee AKA lyn xx