Hi there special friends..a massive welcome to my blog space :) I really hope you enjoy and are inspired by some of the layouts I have done. Like many of you out there I really enjoy scrapbooking and the satisfaction it gives me in seeing peoples reactions by something beautiful and memorable for many generations to come!

love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

P.S I hope the Creative Butterfly lands on your shoulder and inspires you!! :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wow what a Fabulous weekend I have had so far. Firstly it started of on friday with a full on scrappy day at lisa's house, got to meet so many wonderful talented ladies from around many forums, the day went extremly quick and the kidlets were absolutely well behaved :D Rach did lots of stamping and I actually did a layout, a first for me, considering I only ever seem to gasbag, Thanks lisa for a wonderful day, cant wait for the next one. Then that night took rach and izzy home and stayed at their place for tea, yummy tachos, they spoil us that bunch lol.
Then saturday it was the usual, house cleaning etc. But the highlight of saturday was coffee and cake in arvo for mums birthday and again going out with rach, izzy and aaron for tea at hogz breath followed by coffee and dessert at McCafe, together we all had an absolute blast especially the kiddies :D
Today Df has just gone off for his reshoot for his firearms licence, then when he gets back we may go for a drive to coolangatta to have a look a wintersun or go to the park and relax, my type of sunday. YAY.
Anyways I guess i better show you what I actually did this weekend LOL. I am really proud of both layouts :) so 2 more down and plenty more to do before bub arrives hehe.

Thanks for looking awesome bloggers :D Hope you like? Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend :) xoxo

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just sharing

Hi guys,
Just a quick little update from me, finished this layout today, something different and bright from me. In this layout i actually used alex's painting. Hope you like.


Next I would also like to thank these 2 awesome chicky babes that handed me this fabulous award. Its simply so cute, thankyou Rach and Lisa for thinking of me, means alot sweeties :D Extremely happy I have met these wonderful people and they've welcomed me into their lives, luv yas xo
Would like to give this cute award too:
Also receive this fabulous award from Diana. Thankyou chooken :D

Thats all from me today, hope everyone Is well and staying nice and warm and safe :D
much love to you all xo

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One very happy mama to be!!!:)

hi everyone :)
Yesterday Afternoon Alex and I went to see bubba in mamas tummy, Unfortunately Df couldnt make it :( due to work, but at least in 14 weeks almost he will see and be able to hold his little baby for real :)
Our ultrasound yesterday was absolutely fantastic!!! We were in there for almost an hour looking at baby, I scored lucky as the sonographer was teaching a student. We got to see so much, the hand opening and shutting, we were even able to count all the fingers, Our little oompa loompa was even cheeky by poking its tongue out at us lol. Fluffy as sarah and tanya like to call it is perfect in every possible way, everything is going as it should be. So after yesterday I have become more excited and absolutely cant wait to hold our Little precious babe in my arms. Below is our little oompa loompa :) Oh btw finally figuring out paint shop whoo hoo.lol

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hi babes,
Yay got some scrappin done, well actually I would call it catch up on all the projects ive signed up for :( But all is good, feels great when I get them done a bit of weight off my sholders :) Anyhoo the scrappin I have done over the weekend is for 2 different circle journals, one is the Bucket List, the other is things I love, adore and treasure. Tomorro will also post more pics of an atc I created for lss swap and my ultrasound pictures, yay cant wait, finally after the long extended wait we get to see bubba :) We are very very very excited.
Yesterday we also had a great arvo spent with awesome friends, caught up with rach, aaron and issy yesterday, alex absolutely loved the play with issy and of course when rach and I get together you cant shut us up, the poor men had no chance to gasbag amongst themselves, lol, they were on daddy patrol hehe.
Anyhoo take care awesome bloggers, much love to you all. Hope you had a great wkend.xo

My new awesome friends!!! Arnt they a cute family :D

Thats it for today guys, look out for tomorro :D xo

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Selling my Cricut Machine and some Gasbaging :)

hi guys,
Yes i can already hear some of you saying, what, why, nooooooo LOL. But in all honesty i dont use my cricut machine, i have only ever used it twice since buying it, For some reason I just prefer to do my own titles and my own die cuts. So therfor it is up for sale, I have listed this item on ebay under cricut machine, so if any of you are interested this wonderful machine is starting at $240.00, yes thats right! Its in perfect working order, australian made, no adaptor required, new blade already installed, comes with george font but unfortunately i lost the die cut mat in our move, so that is the only thing you need to buy for it. If any one is interested check out ebay! Seller name is belyndalee123 :)

In other news We have our ultrasound coming up in a weeks time, cant wait :) So if we choose we can find out what the gender of our oompa loompa is, but sorry guys you all have to wait :) I figure there arnt many suprises left in life, so if i can save myself one suprise then why not, so we have no idea what we are having but we both think it could be a girl but in saying that ive been wrong before lol :) Family reading this are most likely all laughing right now, because during my first pregnancy i couldnt help myself i bought both girl and boy clothes, Majority ruling were girl clothes, so when alex was born we had to go shopping straight away LOL, thankfully while in hospital family and friends bought me some boy outfits, phew is all i can say and thankyou to those people. So below i thought i might just do a flash back from when alex was born with his little gifts.

Sorry too, reason i'm apologizing is becuase i have at the moment lost my mojo for scrapbooking, due to alex being really sick this week and now also df is sick too, so my time is spent at the moment running after my 2 boys, nasty flu :( But i promise you will see some layouts very very soon. Got the papercraft expo coming up in brisbane soon, so very excited cant wait to shop :) :) :)
Anyhoo i am rambling too much, so chicky babes take care of yourselves and i'll see ya's around. Much love to all xoxoxo

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My latest ATC card and some Randomness.

Hi all,
Hope you all had a wonderful mothers day and spoilt your mothers or were spoilt rotten yourselves :) My mothers day was super awesome, started at 5am by heading off to car boot sale, i'm a sucker for a good find and bargain and yep i found one, a really cool box for my scrap room to put all my trinkets in, its like one of those old button boxes. Then after dragging my family out we came home and df with the help of alex cooked me a bacon and egg toasted sandwhich, yummy. Then alex and jamie came out of the bedroom with a bright pink bag, first alex gave me this beautiful card then he handed me the bag yelling taaaaa mummy, inside were these gorgeous ELMO JAMMIES, lol super cute, thats all i wanted was pj's, now alex and i both have elmo flannalets :) After a rest they took me out for lunch finished off with a walk in the park with lots of photos, just perfect.

Oh and anouther great thing happened earlier on in the week, i met my new awesome friend Rach, her fiance and her darling little izzy. Was such a perfect day, felt like we had known eachother for ages and tomorro all 4 of us Rach, i and the 2 kidlets are off for some scrap shopping :) picnic in the park and coffee with my other 2 scrap friends. Cannnnnnnnnttt wait, we both need to get out more often :)luv ya chook

Next is my latest ATC card that I made for our monthly swap at The Scrapbook Cupboard, so i thought i would go with the theme mothers day :) hope you like.

Well thats it from me today folks, hope ya'all have a brilliant day and thankyou so much for looking at my blog, it always means alot to me, much love to all belynda xo

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy mothers day all you beautiful yummy mummies out there and any women thats maternal, we're all mummies in some way or anouther. Well i hope you all get spoilt rotten, get to put your feet up and relax and just overall have such a memorable day with anyone thats involved in your special day.
For me this is my second mothers day and i am just so greatful to my df and Alex for making me a mum, i just couldnt possibly imagine my life any other way now, my child and soon to be children are what makes my world go round. My life is just so precious and complete with them in it. I LOVE YOU ALEX AND LITTLE OOMPA LOOMPA, thankyou for giving me such a wonderful and cherishable mothers day.
MUCH LOVE TO EVERYONE, cant wait to hear about your day :)xoxo

Friday, May 8, 2009

OMG I'm getting published!!! First Time EVER :)

Hi awesome people :) :)
Yup as the title suggest I am getting published, first time ever tooting my own horn, whoo hooooooo!!!! Only difference is i didnt actually submitt anything, a Fabulous chicky babe (sorry cant mention names) came across my blog, saw my work and approached me through an email asking if i would like to be published in Scrapbook Creations, YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE of course I said YES YES YES!! So i have to do a layout for a particular theme i keep close to my heart, heheh cant tell you. But keep a look out will be in Scrapbook Creations No. 72. Oh yeah do the happy dance :) LOL. sorry very excited.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mojo is back!!!!!!

wow 5th bit of scrapbooking in a week!! I think with bub creeping closer and closer i'm starting to panick and try and get as much scrappin done as i can, i know when bub arrives scrapbooking will be on the back burner for a while so i'm just kinda freaking out a little. Anyways hope all is well with everyone, thinking of you all and very thankful to all my new friends ive made through the blogging world, cant wait to meet you all!!! xoxo

Hope ya liked, much love Belynda xo