Hi there special friends..a massive welcome to my blog space :) I really hope you enjoy and are inspired by some of the layouts I have done. Like many of you out there I really enjoy scrapbooking and the satisfaction it gives me in seeing peoples reactions by something beautiful and memorable for many generations to come!

love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

P.S I hope the Creative Butterfly lands on your shoulder and inspires you!! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a little update!!

Hi guys,
Still not much scrappin this end, just a few ATC cards I needed to make for the monthly swap at cupboard, the theme was vintage fashion and our social live swap, the live swap was super fun, we all went to westfeild and did a swap there whilst eating maccas yummy. Anyways here are the cards.

Also I received this awesome award from my dear friend Rach aka Scrap Princess, thankyou sweetie :D

1)To post 10 honest things about myself and post the award on my blog.
2)To give this award to some people who follow my blog. So my bloggers for this award are.....
Hmm now 10 honest things about myself.
1: I adore my small little family
2. Simply can not wait to go through labour and meet our new addition
3. I want to get married lol could be a while still if I continue to pop out babies:D
4. Hate family feuds and am happy to have resolved them :)
5. Sick of cleaning
6. Wish I could buy more things for alex and myself.
7. Very excited about alex starting kindy.
8. Am absolutely and utterly in love and devoted to my df Jamie.
9. So fortunate to have met rachel and her family, wish I could spend more time together.
10.So grateful and happy to have made the many friends I have made this year, you all know who you are. xoxo

Anyways guys thats about it from me today, better get off computer now, bubs is starting to really move around and kick the beejeezus outa me :( Thanks for stopping by xoxo

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm still around.

Hi guys, sorry its been ages since I posted something, as of late I have been extremely busy creating a Layout for publication. So very happy as I have now finished it and am now waiting for some sunlight to take a decent photo, but sorry can not show you, you will have to wait :D
Apart from that I havent been doing much scrappin lately apart from atc cards which I will also post up here soon :) Reason for not much scrappin is mainly due to our fast growing oompa loompa, I cant seem to sit for too long now a days without getting a few massive kicks in the ribs, ouchies, oh btw I am now 30 weeks pregnant!!! Yay 10 weeks to go, bring it on!
Also Alex has been extremely sick again, was back in hospital the other night getting checked out, but in the end we ended up taking him home for some good decent rest and nice hot bath, i think that did the trick :) Its now 10am here and he still asleep, poor little fella.
Tonite I am also very excited as we are going to look for a bedroom set for alex's new room, outa the baby room he goes into a big boys bed :) and we are also getting out our baby layby, cant wait, super dooper excited.
Anyhoos thats about it from me today, just thought I would leave you with a funny little pic of my boy cleaning up his mess, yes he found the eggs. hehe.
take care beautiful people xoo

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wow I did a challenge :)

Hi guys,
Sorry I havent posted in over a week, been super busy, had a suprise visit from my sister in law/friend alyssa and also to tell you the truth scrappin mojo went out the window for a little while. But thankfully I found my mojo after going to the Brisbane scrapbooking expo, was so much fun, went along with sarah, rach and shaz and met up with alot of others that I have become to know through various forums. Was so great to meet susan and catch up with elle again :)
Although by the end of the day we were all super tired and my feet were absolutely aching!!! and I also think little oompa loompa in tum was completely over me walking, considering day before my little family went to the wintersun expo too, absolutely love this era, alex really enjoyed looking at all the cars, poor jamie had to close my mouth a couple of times LOL. Everything was eye candy to me hehe.
Anyways today I completed a layout for the White with One challenge, dominent colour being white, colour being red and using brackets, hmm I hope they do interperate them as brackets, if not will have to add some on.
Anyways let me know what ya'all think, have a wonderful day gorgeous people MUWAH.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Long post! Beware

Firstly let me start of by saying hello to all you beautiful people :D Hope your lives are treating you all well, that your all safe, warm and happy :)
Unfortunately not much scrappin from me this week, just an ATC card for our live swap meet. For most of the week I have been feeling a little under the weather due to pregnancy, been super tired and feeling a little bit sick and my poor little stud muffin cant seem to get rid of this horrible cold his had for over 2 weeks now.
Secondly I received this award from my lovely friend Diana a couple of days ago.

Comment on this blog.
Save the award logo to your own computer and use it in your own blog.
Nominate 5 to 10 blogs you feel show great attitude and gratitude.
Link to your nominees within your blog post.
Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received the award.
Link back to the person who gave you the award to show your appreciation.
I'd like to nominate this award to these awesome bloggers:
Next I was tagged by the super awesome G AKA Gayatri
I need to answer the following questions. So here I go.
8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Giving birth to our second child :)
2. Going to scrapbook expo on monday
3. Having dinner tonite with rach and family.
4. Buying lots of stamps
5. Going to the wintersun festival tomorro
6. Attending our live atc swap meet today.
7. Going on holiday after the bubs born
8. loosing all the weight after baby born.

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Woke at 5.30am to take df to work :(
2. Went to Lisa's house for an all day scrap day :D
3. Met Sharron
4. Made ATC card for our swap today.
5. Went to maccas in arvo for gasbag with rach, let the kids play.
6. Had arvo tea and cuppa at Rach's house.
7. Cried alot at night
8. Went to bed extremly early.

8 Things I wish I could Do
1. Buy a house
2. Be debt free
3. Go on an awesome holiday
4. Go back to bed
5. Make some more friends
6. Have an awesome scrap room
7. Own a scrap shop
8. Give birth pain free

8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately
1. Watched twilight
2. Watched snipets from The mtv awards
3. The news
4. Deal or no Deal
5. Rules of Engagement
6. Wolverine XMEN
7. Watched alex and issy dance on coffee table.
8. Sat back and watched my df and son playing together.

8 Blogs I am tagging....

1. Sarah

2. Tanya

3. Diana

4. Rachel

5. sara

6. Kylie

7. Lisa K

8. Lady Grace

All lovely blogs. Check it out.

Lastly here is my ATC card for live swap, love this stamp to bits, just did background with newspaper and pva glue, tea bag and glimmer mist. Like how it turned out.

Phew done, much love to all, hope to have some layouts up next week after lots of goodness from expo :D