Hi there special friends..a massive welcome to my blog space :) I really hope you enjoy and are inspired by some of the layouts I have done. Like many of you out there I really enjoy scrapbooking and the satisfaction it gives me in seeing peoples reactions by something beautiful and memorable for many generations to come!

love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

P.S I hope the Creative Butterfly lands on your shoulder and inspires you!! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi Bloggers :D
I've been told I need to update more lol, so here goes....I actually do have alot of scrappin goodness to show you, but that'll have to wait for now, I am awaiting the glorious sunshine to make my photos brilliant :), its been raining here for the past couple of days.
Hope ya'all had a great weekend doing whatever it was that you were all doing. My weekend was terrific..Jamie calls me miss social butterfly now, poor thing I haven't spent the past 3 Saturday's with him as Ive always had something come up and sadly its really his only day off we can actually do anything together. Oh well i'll make it up to him, dinner date I think in 2 weeks, cant this Saturday as he's got work on. Anyhoos on Saturday night I did head of to my good friend Angie's house for a much needed scrap night with the girlies :( My poor mum's always wanted to come along to a scrap night, so I thought I would take her along with me to see what the fuss is about hehe. So along with mum and savylicious and a car full of scrap we made our way to Angie's. Usually when I go to a scrap night, I never actually scrap but gasbag the whole time, this time however I was actually productive and completed one layout...Wahooo, this has been a first for me lol. We had such a great night, with fabulous food thanks to ang and some scrumptious dessert courtesy of em and lots of goooooddd conversation and laughter :D Thanks Ang for being a great host and organising a wicked night, cant wait till June now for Dalena's Scrap night :D The layout I created I will hopefully be able to show you soon, it was actually a layout for a guest DT spot I was offered :D I'm really happy with the way it turned out, I got to play with Fancy Pants Roadshow collection :D
I also have a few ATC's to show you...and also need to get my ATC freak on, I have sooo many to catch up on.
Oh oh I do have this bit of excitement to show you, Its one of my Layouts I did last year while I was pregnant and its in this months Scrapbooking Memories mag...
This was actually my 2nd time published in the mag, not the first, so that's a little mistake plus the spelling of my name, but oh well, still really excited to see it in print.
On the family front we have all been really well. Alex had a great week.. On Thursday at his kindy the children were given the opportunity to bring their grandparents to kindy to show them around and to share morning tea with them. Was such a great day, he got to show nana around his kindy room, got to play many activities with nan and also got to paint with nan, and to everyones surprise we actually had 3 birthday parties on. So he got to stay and have a party as well. We were very full by the time we left and poor Alex didn't wanna leave. Savannah-Rose actually had alot of fun aswell, playing and eating and got to paint with nana also. Here are just some pics of nana with the kids.   

Also I cant believe how quickly time is going...Savannah-Rose is almost 9 Months already!!! She is finally starting to get some wispy bits of hair, much to my delight :D She has begun to try and stand on her own and is constantly saying mum, bub and finally said dad for the first time last week...Still no teeth yet, but honestly I am not complaining as I'm still breastfeeding and I remember the first time Alexander bit me, OUCHIE MAMMA I tell ya!! I just wish time would slow down, we have already started to plan her very 1st Birthday party along with Alex's as well. Tis going to be a huge week, 2 birthday parties, a hens night which I am organising and a wedding with a heck of alot of visitors. WOW, please months go slow....hehe.
Well pop back tomorrow, hopefully the weather is great and I can show what I've been up to. Happy Minda.
Belynda-Lee AKA lyn xx


Marelize said...
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Marelize said...

Hi Belynda! Congrats on your layout in SM. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see your other layouts. :)

xoxAlyssaxox said...

That was a big update :) Love the pics of Nana painting with the kids :) Congrats on the published layout. Looking forward to September.. How will you fit two parties a hens night and wedding in one weekend? you will be super busy xx

Kirst said...

Hey Lynny!
Don't tell the months to go slow! I'm too excited about the wedding. I want it to be NOW. I'll have to send you an e-mail with all the girls and ladies that would be interested in coming to the hens night, and their address if you plan on sending invites?
I love that layout of you two next to that tree. I can't wait to get into scrapbooking in 2 years when I have time haha. Can't believe Savannah-Rose is already 9 months old, that schocked me! So beautiful but. I'm Looking forward to her 1st b'day party. What day are you having it??

Nightowl said...

Any excuse to get out of work, the time at the Kindy was great with the grandchildren. Congrats on an other publication, it's real is a nice LO. Bring on the ATC's...LOL.
*Hugs and Love*

Rachel said...

I miss you BEl!!! Savannah Rose is tooooo cute!!!! Growing so fast the little angel! Love the photos of the kidlets! CONGRATS for both your layouts finally being published this month chicky! :D {big hugs} to you and your family xox

Penny-lee-R said...

Hey Hon, Wow big post, thats what happens when have heaps on and you leave it for more than a week. I so wanted to just get in the car and come visit last week. Just gotta do a trip there soon. might try make the june or july atc meet.hugs

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Tristan said...

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