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Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm baaackkk :D

Hi lovelies :D Did you miss me?? teheheh. I know its been such a long time in between posts...But this past month and a bit has been one of the busiest ever!! My beautiful little Savannah-Rose turned 1!! My cousin got married...I had to plan a hens night and on top of all this we had about 12 family members come and stay with us. My gorgeous best friend/sis in law alyssa and my bro and my awesome nephews plus my auntie, uncle and cousins. Mind you all this happened in one weekend. So as you can imagine it was one crazy roller coaster..not much sleep had but tons of fun :D
So in saying all this I was meant to come back sooner...but other aspects in my life got complicated and needed urgent attention and love. Thank you mum, Jess and Alyssa for being there for me during that tough time.
So on another note..I am starting to feel much calmer and relaxed and slightly getting on my feet again, Unfortunately not one little bit of scrapping has been done. I have been focusing on something entirely different which I hope to get up and running soon...Hopefully will only be a week away until I can reveal. Thank you for the support from already some eager buyers :D Muchly appreciated.
Okie doke photo time lol..You all get to see why my time was occupied...Here are the pics from Savannah-Roses birthday..(Thank you lys for taking the photos for me :D)

As you can probably see...our little girl had a tea party theme...It truly was such a beautiful day. All the colours and decorations tied in nicely. For the party I made, tissue pom poms to hang from the net marque and tissue paper flowers for center pieces. I also sewed a banner but forgot to bring that out :( The party favours were baby jars decorated up with a cupcake inside...they were for the adults and the children all got tea kettle cookies. My mum also painted a signature board for everyone to write a msg to Savannah...Only they wrote msg's on printed tea cups and pinned them to board.(will take photo soon) My Beautiful friend helped me out alot and took most of the pressure of me by baking some cupcakes...they were just soooo cute and a massive hit and her bf cooked up 120 quiches...I don't even think I got to eat one :( they were gone too fast lol. But all in all it was a great day...Considering I got no sleep the night before due to kirsty's hens night lol. However the end of the day I did find myself waking up in my bed...LOL cant even remember how I got there. Apparently Jamie took me to bed I think lol.

The next day was the wedding of my beautiful cousin Kirsty marrying Blake. That was also such a magical day. Started bright an early with hair and makeup and wine...lol never had wine so early before. Thank you guys for allowing me to be apart of your special day. May the rest of your lives bring you much happiness, laughter and much much love. Cant wait to show some photos of their day. Congrats guys. xxx

Ok that's it..I think that post was way tooooooo long...Will gasbag some more another day. So if you made it this far you truly have done well. Have a great day/night...Just a thought to leave you with. Cherish and always make time for the ones you love...Never let life get boring....Live it up!! xxx


mel said...

These photos are fab - sounds like you have been REALLY busy but the birthday party looks gorgeous and lots of fun!!

CreativeMe68 said...

OMG These are absolutely gorgeous photos Bel!!! Bet lil Savannah was wondering what the hell all the fuss was about!! You did such a wonderful job of everything!! You are just far too clever!! Glad you had a wonderful time at her party and at the wedding. Luv Shaz xoxo

Anonymous said...

OMG what a gorgeous party and the food oh so yummy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1st birthday Savannah-Rose - you have a very clever mum

chrisw said...

you have had a busy time,happy birthday savannah and oh my that table looks wonderfulxxxmiss you!

Marelize said...

What wonderful photos Belynda. You were certainly very busy. Love all your gorgeous photos.
Take care.