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love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

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Monday, December 1, 2008

yup i know crazy huh? i absolutely love this time of year, and its the 1st of December today, so you know what that means? yup you guessed it, chrissy deco goes up, cant wait and i have been waiting for this day to show you my new creation i have done, introducing my Advent Calender! I'm so super proud of it, this year i just wanted to create something for my kids and DF to enjoy and something a little bit differnt too so we can put more choccies or lollies in it :) i made lots of boxes to store the goodies and i also made little envelopes which i plan to put little notes in there sending my family on a treasure hunt for the goodies! something to keep them all on their toes, lol i only have 1 little boy atm but oneday there'll be more :) :)
hope you like
xoxoxo belynda HAPPY DECEMBER :)


Renee said...

Wow!! That really looks amazing. You have done such a fantastic job of it, and I am sure that your little one will love the idea of being able to put more lollies and choccies in there.

lyn said...

hi thanks so much renee, lol i hope he likes it, will see, i am sending dad and alex on a little hunt tomorro in search of a little ginger bread house. thats wat is revealed in the box tomorro :)xo

AGA said...

Wow from me too!!! what a awesome idea Belynda - it looks fabulous!!!

Also thank you so much for the blog award :)

Aga xx

lyn said...

hey aga, thanks hun! no worries for the blog award, you deserve it :)
belynda xo

Kirsty said...

That is one heck of an amazing advent calendar! You are so so talented!

Ann Lederhose said...

Hi Belynda. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I love that advent calendar....so much work in it. I'm sure it will become a treasured Christmas tradition in years to come as your little boy grows up :)

Ali said...

OMG that advent calendar rocks Belynda!! its amazing!! and such a FAB idea - totally rocks the socks off those crappy chocolate ones! :)

Ali said...

hey lyn. yeh no probs - you're more than welcome to link my blog to yours! thanks for your comment on mine too! :) x

SkyeMJ said...

Oh my freaking gosh!

That is one bloody fantastic advent!
I have never seen anything like it before in my life!

Just gorgeous mate! Great work!

Lady Di said...

Hey Belynda, love your blog. Your advent calendar is amazing ... you're very talented. I'm going to spend more time scrapping next year ... I've been obsessed with ATCs this year. Are you going to the Cupboard on the 19th? I'm booked in, so I might see you there.

Alice said...

Wow what an awesome adevnt calender!!!! I want to make one as well now!

Julie said...

Thanks for popping by my blog.

Love the advent calendar.