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love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


First day of spring!! and my little man turns 2!! I cant beleive my sweet little boy is celebrating his birthday today. It was 2 years ago at 6am on this day that my DF and I were sitting in the maternity ward eating Hotcakes and staring in awe at our new little bundle of joy!! Now I sit and wonder where did those 2 years go, everyone said that your time will fly by once you have children, but I didnt beleive it until now. Well baby boy, not so much a baby anymore but our little toddler, mummy and daddy love you so much and we wish you much much happiness and special dreams on this very magical day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEEKY MONKEY!!
His first day on the earth!! In our arms!

First birthday

2nd Birthday-Few photos from today :D

Oh and also here is Hopefully my last pregnancy shot :D Really hoping baby decides to make its grand entrance into the world this week. We are due on fathers day :D, would really love to give DF anouther little bundle of joy for yet anouther Fathers day! COME ON BABY!!!! WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR YOU!! XOXO

Anyhoo guys, I hope you are all well and safe!! Am always thinking of you all, even though i'm not posting or blogging as much I still try and find some time to check you all out and try and keep in the know.hehe. Hopefully my next post is either some scrapbooking or a birth announcement :D Much love to you all.


Susan said...

Lyn you look fabulous!! And what beautiful photos of you and your family! Your little boy is just so cute. Don't you and your hubby look so young in that photo of you s new parents!

I imagine your day was a lovely one and will look forward to seeing whether we get some scrappin' or a birth announcement next - all the very best, sweetie :)

LG said...

Lyn you have a beautiful family. Happy Birthday to that handsome young man.

You look gorgeous sweetie. Praying for a safe delivery. Keep me posted. Mwah!

Pauly said...

Best of luck Lyn! Waiting for the great news....what a gorgeous little tacker you have!!!

CreativeMe68 said...

Happy Birthday Alex....OMG He is so cute, he has grown up so much since I saw him in June!!!

You look so gorgeous Lyn!!! You are just glowing and your belly looks so low...hopefully not too much longer now until you hold your new bundle of joy!!! Beautiful family pics too thanks for sharing Luv Shaz xoxo

lkamphuis said...

Happy Birthday cute boy the baby can safely arrive now !! and have its own birthday-
Not long now !!

melodydamom said...

you look great lynn :) hope bubs comes for you soon :)

great pics of you and your family :)

happy birthday to your little man :)

tc from mel x

Michelle Jamieson said...

Lyn...I hope that precious bubba makes and entrance soon!!
Gorgeous pics of you and your family.

Our Ella has a birthday this week...Fathers Day...Can you believe that??

Chelle Xx

Angelickell said...

OMGosh im jealous woman - I wish i looked that good when i was due!! HAHA i was a big fat swollen cow!! LOL!
You look gorgeous gal!!
Huge happy birthday wishes for Alex too!! Hope he had an awesome day and i bet he was spoilt too!! heehee!!!
Good luck with the bubby and labour etc - You can do it!!! Cant wait to see the new bubby too!!

Renee said...

Look at you, you gorgeous pregnant woman. You look absolutely stunning. Wishing your beautiful boy a very happy birthday, and may you next little bundle of joy arrive safely and on time. Thinking of you and sending you big hugs (mwah)

Renee xox

Rachel said...

Photos are so awesome Lyn!!! You guys look so happy!! Not long now!! you look so good.
Can't wait to meet this bub!!

Lana said...

Aww Alex is such a cutie! Looks like you had a great day!