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Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to the world Savannah-Rose Grace Kershaw!!!

Last week on the 09-09-09 I gave birth to our gorgeous little angel Savannah-Rose, she was born at 2.54pm weighing in at 7.4 pound, length 50cm and head circumfrence 34cms. She is just perfect in every little way, and daddy is absolutely smitten with her as is all the family. Through my whole pregnancy alex kept saying that in my tummy was a baby sister and he was right, guess toddler knows best LOL. Alex however didnt take to her at all at first but is now coming around on his own. He has been the bestest big brother, giving her kisses, bathing her, and even finally cuddling her, but still wont nurse her, but all in good time!

On the 09-09-09, df had taken the day off work as we had an antenatel appointment at the hospital and plus I needed help with alex, as last time at the hospital he was an extreme handful. So in the morning we all woke at 8pm to get ready for our 11am appointment, this appointment at the hospital was going to determine the date in which i would be induced. Anyways when I woke I noticed small nibbly pains, didnt think anything of it as I had expereinced this pains throughout my pregnancy, so just naturally thought it was my body getting ready, but by 9.30 i noticed they were coming every 20 minutes so we decided to time them. So 10.30 rolls around and its time to make our way to hospital, on our drive the pains were coming every 10 minutes, so i started thinking mayby this is the real deal. Now its almost 11am, I tell reception that I think I mayby in labour as contractions were 10 mins apart, they look at me and tell me to wait they need to quickly get a midwife to look at me. So 5 mins later my names called out and i'm directed to a room, in comes the doc and midwife, they do the usual routine check then tell me to hop on bed they need to conduct an internal, so up I get and to my suprise I was 4cm's dialated, so they do a stretch and sweep and tell me that i'll be having this baby within 24-48hours, whoo hooooo This babies on the way, df and i couldnt be more excited and scared at the same time. Anyways the doc tells me to go home, rest and have a panadol. Yay, so on the way home I ring my mum, tell her whats going on. She is absolutely so excited, tells work she is leaving and said she'll meet me at home. Anyways we get home, the pains are getting stronger by 12pm, so from 12pm-12.30ish we run around like headless chooks at home packing my labour bag, alex's overnight bag, put the baby car seat back in car, sit down have a drink and some lunch, cant go into labour on empty stomach LOL. Gets to about 12.30 I tell df I think we better go now as contractions were only 4 mins apart and plus we had to drop alex off to Rachels house to be minded and teh whole round trip is about 1 hour. On the way to rach's house the pain is getting extremly bad, but still managable, did plan on having a cuppa at rach's house but decided i better get to hopsital. Pains were getting way worse on teh way from rach's house to hospital, our destination is about 25mins away depending on traffic. The pains were still coming at every 3-4mins, so the trip was super long and painful, poor df he was a tropper getting me to hospital, felt like I was going to have this baby on side of road lol, thankfully we didnt. Finally get to hospital bout 1.30pm, they take me into the labour room, check me out and i'm 6cms dilated. The midwife tells me all thats keeping this baby in is the membraines, tells me that if my waters hasnt broken in an hour she'll break them for me, but first she wanted to see if My waters would break on there own. So off the bed i got and walked around, bounced on teh ball etc, but I was most comfy on the bed, so after about 45 mins i get back on the bed. At about 2.45pm midwife decides to break my water, at this moment i was so scared and anticipating the arrival, just wanted the pain to stop lol. So she breaks my waters (OMG ALOT OF WATER MIND YOU) then she just tells me to relax and listen to my body and push when i needed to push, after a few pushes and 6 minutes later, midwife tells me to grab baby, so I look down and see my babies head and pull her out and up onto my chest. My Beautiful little girl was finally here, we so wanted a girl so we couldnt be more happier!!! So all in all we had roughly a 4 hour labour and a precious little bundle to call our own.
We were discharged from hospital the next day, but unfortunately this was short lived as we were then readmitted back into hosptial teh following day as our baby girl had stopped breathing. Was extremely scary for us as we experienced this with alex and we didnt want to have to go through this again. But not only did savannah do this once but many times through out the day, everytime she would latch on for a feed, she would stop breathing and turn blue. It was like she was getting so excited and sucking, sucking and sucking and forgetting to breath. Anyways we were in hospital all week, she had many tests on her heart, stomach, throat and head. All these tests came back normal. We had to remain in the special care nursery for the remainder of the week so she could finish her dose of antibiotics, then they wanted to watch her for 48 hours after that to make sure she was well enough to go home, anyways in the last few days of her stay she seemed to have corrected the problem herself as she has not and still has not had a breathing spell. Personally i think she was just trying to figure out how to suck and breath at the same time, just trying to figure out her body. We were finally released on thursday and honestly it was the best feeling in the world to take our little girl home for good!! The whole week was extremely hard full of tears, was the longest i've ever been away from my son and was also my df's holidays(he never gets holidays), so the whole of his holidays were spent driving back and forth from the hospital and taking care of alex! Definately wasnt what we planned, thankfully my sister in law alyssa decided to come and help out, she absolutely was a god send and so was my mum in helping take care of my boys. Unfortunately it wasnt what she planned for either, we all planned to enjoy an eventful weekend with our new bub, but these things happen and I never wish this on anyone, its just horrible. Anyways this has been a HUGE POST, so i would lastly like to thank everyone who was thinking of us and who sent their congrats to us and also to everyone that helped us during this time. Jamie and I really appreciate it. Much love to you all! Here are some photos of our little gem!xo


lkamphuis said...

OMG - I am so excited I got to hold her- Lyn she is just so delicious and I still cant believe my first baby was the same size - where does the time go! Glad to hear Alex is taking to the big brother thing!!

I go by CHIC said...

Congratulations beautiful Enjoy every precious moment with your new bundle and SCRAP EVERYTHING ha ha!!!!

CreativeMe68 said...

Congrats to you and Jamie! Absolutely Gorgeous name for your DD. Ohhh such a beautiful birthing story Lyn...She just looks so adorable. Glad that everything is ok now and I am sure Savannah will the be the apple of Alex's eye soon and he won't want to put her down when he is offered a cuddle!!!

Danielle said...

Lyn, thankyou for sharing your story with us. I am petrified of child birth and as lovely as your story was Im still scared! LOL

She's gorgeous, congrats! xx

Treesa Y said...

Congrats Lyn! She is beautiful...im glad she is ok that would be very scary. Lachlan had a fit once and went blue stopped breathing it was terrifying.
Just take one step at a time enjoy each moment. Dont worry about Alex ...they will end up best pals. Lachlan was very weird when I had Ava he wouldnt even come near me in the hospital but didnt take him long he would help me and tell me every time she cried. Now they are partners in crime!!! xx

Renee said...

awwwwwww big hugs to you and your family sweetie. I am glad your precious little girl is doing well now and that you are both happy and healthy. She is such a beautiful little baby girl!!!!

congrats hun, and take care
Renee xox

Lana said...

Awww she is sooooo adorable! Glad to hear she's doing ok now and Alex is starting to bond with her.

Amanda said...

Congrats!! Savannah is just adorable!! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Sarah W said...

She is beautiful and so content. I was lucky enough to be able to visit in the hospital (2nd time round), enjoyed the cuddles and it is hard to believe that Claire was once that size and in the SCN too!

Hugs to all.

Susan said...

Oh my what a scary and exciting and exhausting time you have all had! I am so glad Savannah Rose is alright now. It must have been so harrowing when she couldn't breathe properly....

The photos are beautiful and I hope the coming weeks get easier and easier fro you all! Hugs!

Aga said...

HUGE congrats Lyn, your little bundle of joy is simply adorable!!!

Thanks also for the sweet congrats, I'm very excited and counting down the months :)

Take care
Aga xx

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad it all worked out. I can't believe how fast it all happened in the end :o) Congrats Darl!

chrisw said...

She is amazing belynda as is her Mummy!!so glad you are both well now..oh how beautiful ,now you have a pigeon pair,congratulations!!luv and bestwishes