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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome to the world Mason Kale Duffill :D

This morning my gorgeous best friend/sis in law aka Alyssa, Robert and Jayden welcomed a little gorgeous boy by the name of Mason Kale Duffill. He is just perfect in every single way. He weighed in at 4.3kg and 53cm's long. All morning I had been sitting around waiting for my call and the pictures, then it got to 8am my time and I still had not had the call, arhhh anxious I tell you, I kept ringing every half hour from then on. Finally I get a Picture then mum rings me straight away with all the details, I was in tears, Due to my happiness and my sadness that I couldnt be there with her. In our first pregnancies we were right there with eachother waiting, this time she just too far away :( No fair I tell ya!! But here is a pic of the handsome little fella :D So proud of you alyssa and rob and jay. Lots of Love. Have a great day peoples! xxx


lkamphuis said...

Wahoo- - awesome news - he looks HUGE!!!!!!! GIve them my best!!!

melodydamom said...

congrats to alyssa and family :)

hes gorgeous welldone

tc from mel x

CreativeMe68 said...

Welcome Mason Kale Duffill...You are a lil cutie!!!

Aga said...

Aww what a cutie :) Please pass on my love and congrats to Alyssa!!!
Aga xx

Lady Di said...

Congrats to Alyssa and family ... gorgeous boy.

chrisw said...

Oh he is very cute!!
Merry Christmas Belynda to you and your gorgeous family.

LG said...

This has been a busy Christmas season and I apologize for not being able to greet you last Christmas. But its better late than never right? Hihihi

Merry Christmas to you and your family and I hope you had a wonderful time together. Thank you for always dropping by at my blog, for all your support and inspiration. Everything is very much appreciated.

Hugs & Kisses!

Renee said...

awww how exciting!!! What a cutie too :)

I hope you had a lovely Christmas sweetie, and may your new year be filled with all the wonderful things you deserve.

Renee xox