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love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing Creative Butterfly Designs

Hi everyone :D
Ive been a busy little bee, getting a little project of mine up and running. I have started a small handmade business called Creative Butterfly Designs. I started my own Facebook page on friday night and to my absolute surprise it took off really really well...something I actually wasn't prepared for. The response and support from everyone has been absolutely heart warming <3 I also have an etsy shop too...which I am yet to upload anything too...Facebook has consumed most of me at the moment. Ok so your probably wondering what am I selling?? Well as long as I can remember I've always wanted to have a little girl of my very own to dress up and share all things girlie with. Anyways the moment I found out I was pregnant I purchased a newborn headband for luck for a girl. Well it worked lol...The moment she arrived I whacked a headband on her...and from then on..I started buying heaps of them...Then I thought what the heck!! I'll start making some...well since then...I've had alot of comments and even sold a few from her very head....so that started the idea of starting my own little handmade shop. I wanted each and every headband to be pretty, classy, chic and stylish for little girls and for women too. After all...women love feeling pretty too...and if my headbands can make someone feel special and girlie, well then I would say my job is done. So if you would like to check out my shop or facebook you most certainly can at my Facebook and my etsy. But here is a sample of some of the items I have up for sale...
Okies so thats a few I have made...Plenty more on facebook and soon to come to etsy.
I hope to see you become a fan on facebook...Take care everyone...Mummy duty calls...off to bed alex to bed, its way past his bed time.
Love Belynda-Lee xxx


mel said...

how exciting for you - good luck with your little venture - they look stunning

alex said...

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chrisw said...

They looks Fabulous Lynny,Hope all is well with the family,luvnhugsxxx

Monica said...

wow, they look stunning!!

Naomi said...

These look gorgeous! I am so addicted to headbands :)

Yankaaaaaaaaa said...

this is a very wonderful! very nice:)))))))))))))