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love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Selling my Cricut Machine and some Gasbaging :)

hi guys,
Yes i can already hear some of you saying, what, why, nooooooo LOL. But in all honesty i dont use my cricut machine, i have only ever used it twice since buying it, For some reason I just prefer to do my own titles and my own die cuts. So therfor it is up for sale, I have listed this item on ebay under cricut machine, so if any of you are interested this wonderful machine is starting at $240.00, yes thats right! Its in perfect working order, australian made, no adaptor required, new blade already installed, comes with george font but unfortunately i lost the die cut mat in our move, so that is the only thing you need to buy for it. If any one is interested check out ebay! Seller name is belyndalee123 :)

In other news We have our ultrasound coming up in a weeks time, cant wait :) So if we choose we can find out what the gender of our oompa loompa is, but sorry guys you all have to wait :) I figure there arnt many suprises left in life, so if i can save myself one suprise then why not, so we have no idea what we are having but we both think it could be a girl but in saying that ive been wrong before lol :) Family reading this are most likely all laughing right now, because during my first pregnancy i couldnt help myself i bought both girl and boy clothes, Majority ruling were girl clothes, so when alex was born we had to go shopping straight away LOL, thankfully while in hospital family and friends bought me some boy outfits, phew is all i can say and thankyou to those people. So below i thought i might just do a flash back from when alex was born with his little gifts.

Sorry too, reason i'm apologizing is becuase i have at the moment lost my mojo for scrapbooking, due to alex being really sick this week and now also df is sick too, so my time is spent at the moment running after my 2 boys, nasty flu :( But i promise you will see some layouts very very soon. Got the papercraft expo coming up in brisbane soon, so very excited cant wait to shop :) :) :)
Anyhoo i am rambling too much, so chicky babes take care of yourselves and i'll see ya's around. Much love to all xoxoxo


MyLittleTeapot said...
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MyLittleTeapot said...

Congratulations Lyn! cant wait to fin out if its a boy or a girl! Goodluck to the families :P

Take care of yourself always


Rachel said...

Hey beautiful,
i missed you :(
How exciting about ultrasound yay!!!
jamie and alex better b better by the weekend! isabella misses her play buddy ;) take care chicky babe. good luck selling ur circut xxx

Mandy said...

Oh...look at the bubby...so cute...i would love a cricut, but just got a cuttlebug...boo hoo..hope you get lots for your cricut too...take care and make sure you don't get sick..ivehad the flu and its revoltin,,,xxx

Sar said...

Long time between visits! Glad you're doing well and good luck for your ultrasound. Can't believe you're selling your cricut, I LOVE mine although I definitely don't use it as much as I should...so understand that!


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