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love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm still around.

Hi guys, sorry its been ages since I posted something, as of late I have been extremely busy creating a Layout for publication. So very happy as I have now finished it and am now waiting for some sunlight to take a decent photo, but sorry can not show you, you will have to wait :D
Apart from that I havent been doing much scrappin lately apart from atc cards which I will also post up here soon :) Reason for not much scrappin is mainly due to our fast growing oompa loompa, I cant seem to sit for too long now a days without getting a few massive kicks in the ribs, ouchies, oh btw I am now 30 weeks pregnant!!! Yay 10 weeks to go, bring it on!
Also Alex has been extremely sick again, was back in hospital the other night getting checked out, but in the end we ended up taking him home for some good decent rest and nice hot bath, i think that did the trick :) Its now 10am here and he still asleep, poor little fella.
Tonite I am also very excited as we are going to look for a bedroom set for alex's new room, outa the baby room he goes into a big boys bed :) and we are also getting out our baby layby, cant wait, super dooper excited.
Anyhoos thats about it from me today, just thought I would leave you with a funny little pic of my boy cleaning up his mess, yes he found the eggs. hehe.
take care beautiful people xoo


Rachel said...

Hey Sweetie, Alex is sooo cute!!! hehe, i hope he is feeling a little better now xxx Missing you guys!!! i hope i can see you soon! Took Izzy to the doc's yesterday and didnt get her needles cause she is sick but doc gave her some medicine and she didnt cough once last nite YAY!!! Shopping is always exciting stuff! can;t wait to see Alex's big boy room xxx

Gayatri said...

Hi Belyna,
Hope Alex is better now. that photo is so cute.
All the best for your layout yo are sending for publication.
I have a blog award for you in my blog. Check it out.
Hae a great day

lkamphuis said...

Love the pic of him cleaning up the eggs!! Mine would run and hide!!

xoxAlyssaxox said...

hehe what a cutie :) Have fun room Shopping!! Can't wait to seer your LO xx

Amanda said...

That pic is soooo cute!! Feel for you with the being unable to sit for long ... I had the same trouble when I was pregnant woth Cody ... was really tough on the 2 hr commute to work each day!

SkyeMJ said...

Aww! at least he was trying to clean up! So cute!

30 weeks?!! Man I remember when you first posted that you were pregnant! :) How exciting!!! :)

Hope you're doing well babe

Renee said...

Very cute photo sweetie. i wish my girls would clean up after themselves lol.


Alicia said...

Very cute photo! I have a little one who loves to help and clean up messes too. Can't wait to see your LO!

Aga said...

Hi Belynda, such a cute pic :) and hope your little guy is feeling better! And wow only 10 weeks to go that sure is moving along quickly!!
Take care
Aga xx

Em said...

Hi Belynda,
Thanks for the visit, so nice to see another Challenge Chic following me, such sad news isn't it about the site though, I'm going to miss that little community. Hey I see your on the Gold Coast that is sooo cool. Where are you?
P.S Your little Alex is a cutie, nice to see he lends a hand at the cleaning up, lol And sooooo exciting that baby No:2 is soon to be arriving...Yippee!
Okay we'll i look forward to getting to know you and thanks for the add...mwah

tiger said...