Hi there special friends..a massive welcome to my blog space :) I really hope you enjoy and are inspired by some of the layouts I have done. Like many of you out there I really enjoy scrapbooking and the satisfaction it gives me in seeing peoples reactions by something beautiful and memorable for many generations to come!

love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

P.S I hope the Creative Butterfly lands on your shoulder and inspires you!! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a little update!!

Hi guys,
Still not much scrappin this end, just a few ATC cards I needed to make for the monthly swap at cupboard, the theme was vintage fashion and our social live swap, the live swap was super fun, we all went to westfeild and did a swap there whilst eating maccas yummy. Anyways here are the cards.

Also I received this awesome award from my dear friend Rach aka Scrap Princess, thankyou sweetie :D

1)To post 10 honest things about myself and post the award on my blog.
2)To give this award to some people who follow my blog. So my bloggers for this award are.....
Hmm now 10 honest things about myself.
1: I adore my small little family
2. Simply can not wait to go through labour and meet our new addition
3. I want to get married lol could be a while still if I continue to pop out babies:D
4. Hate family feuds and am happy to have resolved them :)
5. Sick of cleaning
6. Wish I could buy more things for alex and myself.
7. Very excited about alex starting kindy.
8. Am absolutely and utterly in love and devoted to my df Jamie.
9. So fortunate to have met rachel and her family, wish I could spend more time together.
10.So grateful and happy to have made the many friends I have made this year, you all know who you are. xoxo

Anyways guys thats about it from me today, better get off computer now, bubs is starting to really move around and kick the beejeezus outa me :( Thanks for stopping by xoxo


CreativeMe68 said...

I really love this honest award!
I am so happy to be your friend Belynda and I am so glad that you have sorted out the family feud!
I hope that one day soon I will be speaking to our beautiful friend whom we both know and love! Bet you can't wait until the new lil one is here! Have a great week Luv Shaz xoxo

xoxAlyssaxox said...

0o0o0 Thankyou so much :) I love awards hehe. Glad the swap was fun :) I am there at heart hehe.
Ok off to do this little blog award thingy. Take care of yourself sweets xx

lkamphuis said...

Goood on you Bel- not long know and that little bundle will be here - wahoo- cant wait for a cuddle!!

Sarah W said...

Cool ATC's. Love the award, if only I knew how to put them on my blog. You and Di have left me a few but don't know how to add them.

Lady Di said...

Gorgeous ATCs Belynda and I have one for you from Sunday's swap ... if you're at the Cupboard on Saturday or at Tan's I'll bring it along, as well as one for Alyssa that I owe.

Alicia said...

I just love the ATCs, especially the "pin-up" one. It is just too cute! It was also lovely to read a little bit about you. Don't wish all the pregnancy away though. If you're anything like me, you'll miss being pregnant as soon as bub is born (particularly the feeling of the baby moving)!

Cindy said...

Belynda, I just stumbled across your blog and love your LOs. Will return to see your fab work

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