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love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little update

Hi everyone :D
Wow its so been so busy here this past month, new baby, week in hospital, lots of visitors, jamie's parents, my sis alyssa and my nephew and my auntie and her family, The last lot of our visitors left last week, so been very hectic and now I'm just trying to find a balance and routine for myself, alex and savannah-rose, I knew having 2 kids 2 years apart wouldnt be easy but I didnt think it would be that hard, but honestly it is, but I know once we have sorted ourselves out we'll be right :D But anyhoos here are a few picutres of my gorgeous family, i'm so in love with them all. Oh and last week we got some professional photos done of the kids, so happy with them and simply can not wait to receive them :D

Okies well thats the little update for now, but tomorro or on monday I will post some ATC cards i've made for varius swaps, thats all the scrappin I done since being outa hospital, but stay tuned there will be some beautiful girlie layouts coming up :D finally get to make girlie things hehe. Much love to you all xo


xoxAlyssaxox said...

You will find the right balance hun :) It may just take a little bit while she is newborn but it will get easier. Love the pics, i can't believe she is already a month old :O Looking forward to seeing the professional photo's :) Take care and talk soon xxxx

chrisw said...

Oh she is just beautiful Lyn,thanks for sharing the pics,have popped a little something in the post for savannah!

lkamphuis said...

it all comes I promise you!!!!
love the pics!

Lana said...

Awww those photos are so sweet!

Krissy Christie said...

Such gorgeous photos!Savannah is so beautiful :)

Krissy xx

Rachel said...

Hey gorgeous, i'm glad the clothes i got savannah-rose fit ;)
the photos are beautiful especially the black and white one of you and your precious daughter!! Thanks for updating, i miss you xox

Samantha said...

oh your family is so lovely!!! don't you worry love things get so easy as they get a little older and you can enjoy the sweet moments between your kids..My boys are only 1yr and 6months apart i still remember freaking out the first time i was left with both of them, the first time i wished mother nature had give me an extra arm...lol love your photos they are so sweet :D much love xxoo

Susan said...

Your family is gorgeous, Lyn, and I have every confidence in your ability to get on top of things eventually ;) It does take some time to get used to the extra time and attention a new little person needs while you have a two year old who needs you too. Take your time and never mind about getting things 'perfect' for awhile! Hugs!

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh Your lil family is just so precious Lyn!!! I am hoping that I can come visit your next month when I am down for the retreat. I have some lil pink things for you and Savannah!!
OMG these photos are so precious!!!
You will find the balance hunnie and yeh we sometimes wished we had an extra set of hands but it will all work itself out soon enough once they are a lil bit older!
Can't wait to see the girly LO's!! And those prints will be just to die for of your Beautiful Family
Luv Shaz xoxo

Renee said...

OMG sweetie she is is so beautiful, and the photos are just gorgeous. Sending you big hugs.

Take care
Renee xox

melodydamom said...

congratulations hun :) shes gorgeous ;) what great photos of you all ;)

thanks for sharing

tc from mel(melodydamom)

LG said...

Having a new baby is really tough and so time consuming but I know you're doing great. Love the photos especially the black & white one.