Hi there special friends..a massive welcome to my blog space :) I really hope you enjoy and are inspired by some of the layouts I have done. Like many of you out there I really enjoy scrapbooking and the satisfaction it gives me in seeing peoples reactions by something beautiful and memorable for many generations to come!

love Belynda-Lee AKA Lyn xo

P.S I hope the Creative Butterfly lands on your shoulder and inspires you!! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hey bloggers,
Just thought i would share some minor scrapbooking with you all. I joined an ATC group here on the coast and this was my first attempt for the group. Our theme was zodiac and i just chose to do my star sign, i was sooooooo nervous that i wouldnt be up to the girls expectations lol, but i think i did alright. Let me know what ya think. Oh in the next couple of days hopefully i'll be able to post more scrappin up, the morning sickness is subsiding so hopefully i'll get creating, can only hope lol.
take care chookens xox


Sarah W said...

Great ATC. You have done well. I like and I know that I will get one. LOL Hugs......

CreativeMe68 said...

Sorry for my ignorance but what is an ATC??? It looks great BTW!
Thanks for visiting my blog Lyn and please feel free to add my blog to your list. And please don't forget to email me, cm_sd68@hotmail,com your home addy, email addy and bdate so if you win the RAK I can send it to you and add your bdate to my birthday list. I will put up what is on offer for the RAK tonight. Off to work now, hope you are not feeling too sick. Luv Shaz xoxo

lyn said...

hi hun, dotn worry a couple of months ago i had no idea what it was either. It stands for Artist Trading card. Its 2.5 x 3.5 inches, a small card that you trade with other people. So by the end of this swap i will receive 9 ohters back from other people. Its just anouther form of scrap/art in a small space. keep an eye out, every month i will be making one for our group.
take care hun, have great day at work.
belynda xxo oh yes btw feeling alot better thankyou hun.

Renee said...

This looks fantastic. I am glad to hear you are starting to feel better.

Renee xox

Lady Di said...

As another in the ATC group I think your first ATC for a swap is great ... well done. I look forward to receiving one and seeing your others. If you wanna have a sneak peak, I've posted my zodiac ATC on my blog too.

rachel said...

Firstly congrats to you and your family on your baby news.. how awesome is that!!! Love ya ATC I have always seen these around over the years but had no idea what they were for now I know so thanks for that info... I have a small challenge for you over at my blog if ya wanna pop on over.. P.S hope the morning sickness gets better.. YUK!!!
xo Rach xo