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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My family is expanding from 3-4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

I'm so excited that i can finally share this news with you all, my partner and i are expecting our 2nd baby, yup i'm pregnant! Its been so hard not being able to tell anybody, the original plan was not to tell anybody until our first ultrasound, but people let things slip, and family get upsett by me not telling straight away, but i need to respect my partners wishes too. So i will let that slide, i cant make everyone happy. So now the majority of my side know but none of jamies side knows but they soon will next month when we go away with them all.cant wait to tell them.
For me the realisation of having anouther oompa loompa has set in, due to morning sickness yuck,lol, hopefully its nearly over, if i'm right i should be about 9-10 weeks this week. This time round though i have to admit its nicer being pregnant, not as much sickness and pain as i had with alex, but still i hate the first trimester ALOT!!! FOr my df it hasnt really sunk in yet, i think it will when we go for our ultrasound and he can see the little bub jumping around, its his favourite the very first screening. Whereas for alex, we need to get him a big boys bed, so outa the cot he goes, he is only 16 months old but we are talking to him all about babies and i keep pointing to my tummy and saying look alex baby in there and its sooo cute he actually points now and yells baby!!
oh one other thing, must be a womans intuition, but i knew i was pregnant probably about 3 weeks before i did the test, but i thought nah i'll wait a little longer, and the only reason i did the test was because i was actually going back on my diet after chrissy, but i said to df that hmm i think i should do a test first just to make sure before i start hammering myself and yup. Have any of you else felt like this before??
But anyways 7 months to get alex sorted out through hospital, the peaditricians have promised that they'll help me as much as they can before the bub arrives.
FAR OUT, i'm writing a novel. sorry guys just really excited, been a big month again.
take care beautiful people and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!!!


Aga said...

Wow - fabulous news Belynda!!!! Best wishes and BIG CONGRATS :)
Aga xx

lyn said...

thanks so much sweetheart muwah xox

CreativeMe68 said...

OHHH WOW !!! I am so happy and excited for you all. I hope your morning sickness is not too bad, I had 9 months of it! I don't wish that apon you! Can't wait to see your baby's first pic... Luv Shaz xoxo

Renee said...

Awwww a big congrats from me too hun. This is such wonderful news. I am so happy for you, and I hope it all goes perfectly.

Renee xox

Yillup said...

OMG! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a sneaky thing hiding it from everyone. Hope the first scan goes really well and the morning (yeah right, they really mean all day) sickness goes soon!

lyn said...

aww thanks so much guys :) your kind words mean a whole lot to me right now. arh you poor thing having mornign sickness for 9 months YUCK. LOL kylie, yup the whole sneakyness thing backfired on me. scans on monday so will see how it all goes.
take care chookens.
belynda xox

Scrapsister said...

Congrats on your wonderful news!
I just saw your message on my blog...I'd love to be added ;)

Treesa Young said...

OMG Congrats Lyn! that is sooo exciting! It's funny I fell pregnant with Ava my second when Lachlan was 16mth!! We had to move him out of his cot and I had to get him off the boob!! Good luck with the scan are you going to find out?? We can never wait for suprises! so we told everyone straight away and found out the sex both times!! I remember when they told me Ava was a girl I was so happy I cryed and cryed cause I wanted a girl sooo bad! I always wanted 1 of each and I am amazed how different they both are. I just love being able to buy dresses and lots of pink!!lol
sorry for writing a novel!!
mwah Treesa xx

Lady Di said...

That's awesome news Belynda, congrats to you and your family.

Kirsty said...


My first was only 14 months when number two was born...we actually had to buy a new cot LOL