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Monday, January 5, 2009

Not a good start to the year :(

hi again ,
like i said in my earlier post alot has happened! Today my baby and I were released from hospital. The day before new year alex became pretty sick and was vomiting alot, at first i thought it must be just a 24hour gastro bug, so naturally i expecting him to be kinda sick new years eve and he was, he kept vomiting everywhere, wasnt eating anything but was continually craving water alot. Was strange tho because on new years day he was fine and fit as a button. But by 6.00 that night he was sick again, and he went straight to sleep and slept through all night, very strange for alex, then on the 2nd jan, he wouldnt even wake up, he was tired still and sleeping continually, he couldnt even hold his head up, he had no energy, so i walked to the doctors, to try and get him in, but with no luck, so they said they could see me at 1.00pm that arvo, well by 12.oo alex was so bad, he was vommiting alot and kept falling asleep while he was vomiting. So by the time it was our appointment time, he was even more worse. We walked into the gp office i started to explain what was going on then again alex decided to let loose and he did, he spewed all over the doc and me and the desk and the floor absolutely everywhere, the doc then ordered us straight to the hospital.
anyway we arrived at the hospital, they took us straight in and hooked alex up to a drip, as he had no sugar, glucose or sodium, etc he had nothing left in his body, once the drip was put in the docs said here mum have a cuddle, and as i was cuddling him he was falling to sleep then all of a sudden he kinda bent back looked at me in a strange way then his eyes rolled in the back of his head, and his face started expanding, his cheeks grew his eyes expanded and went puffy and his body was ridged, i quickly put him on the bed and screamed whats wrong with my baby, the nurse yelled for the doctors and we were pushed outa the way and they all crowed around him then gave him a needle shot of vellium, our little baby suffered a seizure! it was the most scariest horrifying experience ever, we thought we were loosing our little baby! then the docs called us over and asked us to talk to him and see if alex would recognise us and the hardest part was that he didnt, his eyes were still in the back of his head. He remained like this for wat seemed like forever. Finally 20 mins later he came around and wanted just his daddy and mummies attention. So we were admitted to hospital adn they ran a series of tests on him, the found he has rotavirus and has an issue with water as he drinks 2 much and only craves water. So next week we have to go to brisbane and see the specialists up there so they can run a series of tests on him again, so now we have to wait. Will let you know more later. xoxoxo belynda
never take moments for granted with your children ever! you never know what could happen!!


janine said...

Big hugs for you both such a acarey thing to happen .gonna dry my eyes now ........Janine xx

Wendy Smith said...

oh how scary for you...nothing worse than having a sick child.

Lady Di said...

Wow, scary stuff, I'm glad it's all worked out ok for the time being ... I'm sending my positive vibes your way.

nerllybird said...

OMG! I just came over here to look at your blog after I saw a link on Sar's blog, and I can't believe what a dreadful experience you had at the hospital! That sounds so awful, you must have been terrified. I've heard of rotavirus but I would never have known the symptoms - scary stuff. I hope your baby is okay now and that they've sorted this out for you. from Helen.

Treesa Young said...

Hi there
just come to check out you blog and read about your poor bubba! I know exactly how you feel it's terrifying...my boy had a feveral convulsion when he was 1 ...he had a fever for 3 day and I was giving him panadole and nurofen and he always got fever when he was teething...but I had just givin him a cool bath and my hubby said he's very limp and he picked him up and then he's eye's rolled back and he went all stiff then he went blue and frothed at the mouth and then stopped breathing..i thought he had died :( I was a screaming maniac to the ambo's...but my hubby was good he put in recovery position and popped his mouth open cause it was locked and then all the yukkies came out and he slowly started to breath again. we spent the night in hospital but it was just cause by the fever spiking really quickly...thankfully he has had no more and he is 4 now! phew so my heart goes out to you I hope you dont have to go through that ever again.
Mwah Treesa xx